Elite microSDHC/microSDHC 32GB, SR104, UHS-1
Elite microSDHC/microSDHC 32GB, SR104, UHS-1
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The perfect companion for high-performing Android smartphones and tablets. With capacities of up to 256GB, it keeps them well up to date with the ever increasing demand of storage space that comes hand in hand with fast advancing photo and video quality of mobile devices. For worry-free shooting and recording pleasures on the go. Powerful Performance for Photography and Recording

For an unspoiled experience without dropouts and stuttering, the Elite microSDHC/microSDXC features UHS Speed Class I (U1) and Class 10 video rating that enable smooth and high quality video recording in Full HD. The read and write speeds reach up to 85MB/s (8GB to 64GB) and 75MB/s (128GB) and provide outstanding storage and access efficiency. Storage Flexibility for the Needs of Digital Life 
Games, photos, applications, videos...pick from a range of capacities and find storage for them all.

Excellent Compatibility
Our Elite micro UHS-I flash card series complies to the SD Association's specifications. It is compatible with all types of digital devices that support SDHC, SDXC and 4K displaying as well as all kinds of DSLR camcorders.


Capacity microSDHC 32 GB
Dimensions 15 x 11 x 1 mm
Weight 0.6g
Performance Read(max.) 85MB/s
Durability 10,000 insertions (minimum)
MTBFMore than 1,000,000 hours
Operating Temperature 0C - 70C
Storage Temperature 40C - 85C
Humidity 8pc to 95pc
Operation Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V

Note 1: Compatible with microSDHC enabled host devices; not compatible with SD devices and SD readers.
Note 2: Some of the listed capacity on a flash storage device is used for formatting and other functions and not available for data storage. The actual data storage capacity is less than what is listed on the product.